New guidelines for NGO action published in Lao PDR

Posted on 30 May 2007    
A set of environmental guidelines has been published for NGOs working in Lao PDR
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To expand partnerships in ecoregion conservation and support improved field-based conservation, the WWF Lao Country Programme, in conjunction with Concern Worldwide, has produced a set of environmental guidelines for development non-governmental organizations (NGOs) working in priority ecoregions in Lao PDR.

Titled “Securing Livelihoods and Conserving Nature’s Resources in Lao PDR”, these guidelines contain a step by step process based on the project management cycle and enable NGOs to identify possible environmental problems, as well as find solutions which can be incorporated into their existing activities.

This includes everything from restricting livestock to access of certain waterways to integrated pest management regimes. Furthermore, the guidelines also look at minimizing environmental impacts NGOs may have in their own offices, from modifying the use of unsustainable transport to reducing the use of air-conditioners and paper.

With support from the Russell E. Train Education for Nature Programme, training is being offered to international NGOs which can be tailored to specific project needs. It will also target local non-profit associations, equivalent to local NGOs, to strengthen their work in Lao PDR.

It is hoped that most of the 30 international NGOs working within Lao PDR will take advantage of this opportunity. If WWF can influence action of NGOs at the grassroots level, there is potential for a much broader impact and expansion to action at national and international levels in large organizations.

WWF Lao PDR hopes to support the integration of environmental consideration in NGO and non-profit association projects helping to increase the longevity of projects, and thus alleviate poverty through a healthier environment.

The guidelines will be published in the Lao language, and will be available for download from the Lao INGO website ( ) and the WWF Greater Mekong website (

For further information:
Camilla Osborn, Environmental Networking Officer
A set of environmental guidelines has been published for NGOs working in Lao PDR
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